Barbados spring break
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barbados spring break
barbados spring break
Approximate Flying Times to Barbados from:
Atlanta – 2:45
Boston – 4:15
Baltimore – 3:20
Chicago – 3:50
Miami – 1:40
Los Angeles – 5:25

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U.S. Citizens entering Barbados:
• Valid Passport only. Get one here:

Travelers to Barbados who are under 18 need a signed parental release.
NON-US CITIZENS: You must obtain proper travel documentation from the consulate of your nationality.

Exchanging Money
You'll want some Barbados dollars for incidentals, but most larger payments can be made in US dollars or with a credit card. Most restaurants, hotels and shops accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, and a few also accept the Discover Card. Banks are easy to find in the larger towns and major tourist areas.

The best and cheapest transport option on Barbados is the bus. Government-operated public buses are a flat 1.5 Barbados dollars per ride. There is also a privately operated minibus system where rides cost the same. Taxis are readily available too, however vehicles are unmetered so establish a fare in advance, especially if you hire a taxi for a sightseeing tour.
barbados spring break