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Can't afford an "all-inclusive" hotel? No worries - Spring Break Direct gives EVERY non-all-inclusive hotel traveler a FREE dine-around meal plan.

The meal plan consists of 14 meals: seven (7) breakfasts and seven (7) dinners at participating restaurants. You receive a voucher sheet with coupons for each meal. To get your meal, simply redeem the voucher at the restaurant. The menu is typically varied enough that vegetarians will be satisfied. Meals require $1 tax and $1 tip per person. (All-inclusive hotels provide three meals per day at the hotel). **Meal plans are subject to change.

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  • CHOCKO'S & TERE: Eggs, Toast, Hot Cakes and Hash Browns plus 1 Soda. Upgrade to All-You-Can-Eat for only $2. 8-11AM. Any four (4) days.
  • RAINFOREST CAFE: Plated Meal of 2 Eggs any style, Refried Beans, Toast, 1 Juice & 1 Coffee. Upgrade available. 9-11AM. Any three (3) days.


  • PAT O'BRIENS: Soup of the day plus O'Briens Quesadilla or BBQ Chicken or Chicken Pasta. 5-8PM any day except Wednesday.
  • SENOR FROGS: Caesar Salad with Chicken or BBQ Chicken or Hamburger or Quesadilla. 2 for 1 yards. Stay after dinner and pay no cover. 6-9PM any day.
  • RAINFOREST CAFE: Choice of Chicken Sandwich Platter or Planet Earth Pasta or Islander Caesar Salad. 6-8PM any day.
  • CARLOS 'n CHARLIES: One Pass on Buffet: Salad Bar, Fajitas, Quesadillas, Pasta, BBQ Chicken, etc. Upgrades available. 2-for-1 yards. Stay after dinner and pay no cover. 6-9PM any day.
  • DADY ROCK : All-You-Can-Eat Buffet: Salad Bar, Pasta, Chicken Tacos, Wings, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Mashed Potatoes. 7-9PM any day.
  • HOOTERS: Special Spring Break Menu. 6-9PM any day.
  • CHOCOLATE CITY: House Salad plus Chocolate City Burger and Fries or Spaghetti. 1 draft beer or 1 soda. Upgrades available. 6-9PM any day.