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This Protection Plan offered by Spring Break Direct.com Inc. will aid you in the event of illness or injury prior to your trip.

The cost is reasonable when you compare it to your trip investment. It is important to keep this document and carry a copy with you when you travel. If you need to cancel your trip, contact Spring Break Direct immediately to cancel your reservation.

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The Spring Break Direct Cancellation Protection Plan guarantees a full refund (less the cost of insurance) for travel arrangements provided by Spring Break Direct.com, Inc., in the event of cancellation up to scheduled departure time due to sickness or injury (that prevents you from travel, as deemed by a physician), or death to you or for life-threatening sickness or injury, or death to your immediate family member.

Immediate family member
is defined as your (or your traveling companion's) spouse, spouse's child, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchildren, step-siblings, stepparents, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, guardian or ward.

Traveling companion
is defined as a person whose name appears on the same trip arrangement and who will share accommodations with you during the course of your Spring Break Direct vacation.

This plan begins when full payment is received and cannot be added to an existing reservation more than three days from booking date. The Spring Break Direct Cancellation Protection Plan Cost is non-refundable and valid for each person who has paid the plan cost only.
Spring Break Direct Cancellation Protection Plan DOES NOT GUARD AGAINST OCCUPANCY SURCHARGES. Therefore, if one person cancels 15 days or more prior to scheduled departure, the remaining traveler(s) are responsible for paying occupancy surcharges. If you cancel less than 15 days prior to scheduled departure, occupancy surcharges for the remaining traveler(s) will be deducted from your refund.

Written notification of cancellation must be received in our office by registered mail, facsimile transmission, or overnight courier service NO LATER THAN THE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE in order to be covered by Spring Break Direct Cancellation Protection Plan. In addition, written verification by a physician of inability to travel, or onset (since travel purchase) of, or sudden change in, life-threatening sickness, life threatening injury, or death of an immediate family member must be received in our office by registered mail, facsimile transmission or overnight courier service NO LATER THAN 24 HOURS AFTER SCHEDULED DEPARTURE. Failure to follow these instructions invalidates the Plan.


Insurance Covers
Trip Interruption. Maximum Limit up to $500 per person. (See details under Trip Interruption heading)
Travel Delay. Maximum Limit up to $500. (See details under Travel Delay)
Baggage Delay. Maximum Limit up to $100. (See details under Baggage Delay)
Baggage Protection. Maximum Limit up to $300. (See details under Baggage Protection)


When Coverage is Effective
Coverage for Trip Cancellation is effective the earliest of:
At 12:01 am Standard Time on the day after we receive your payment for insurance; or
At 12:01 am Standard Time on the day after we receive your final payment for your "trip".
Coverage for Travel Delay is effective on your scheduled departure time and date.
Coverage for all benefits is effective on the later of:
The date and time you actually start your "trip"; or
On 12:01 am Standard Time of the scheduled departure day of the "trip".
For coverages other than Trip Cancellation and Travel Delay, you must be on the Covered Trip for the coverage to apply.

When Coverage Ends
All coverage ends on the earlier of:
Midnight of the "trip completion date"; or
When you complete your "trip"; or
When you reach "home" or your final destination point; or
When the "trip" is cancelled.
However, if your "trip" is delayed for covered reasons, coverage is extended until you reach your "home" or could reasonably expected to reach your "home", if earlier.

No Coverage is in Effect if:
The travel documents do not reflect an intention to start and end a "trip" on the "trip departure date" and the "trip completion date"; or
The tickets for the "trip" do not contain specific travel dates (open tickets); or
Promotional coupons or tickets issued on non-Airline Reporting Corporation approved ticket stock are used other than electronic tickets, Frequent Flyer awards, air charter tickets, cruise line or railroad tickets.


Trip Interruption Coverage provides benefits for losses that you incur for "trips" that are interrupted after the time and date of departure. We will pay this benefit if your "trip" is interrupted due to any of these events or if your "traveling companion's" "trip" is interrupted and your "traveling companion" has a valid claim on a Spring Break Direct travel insurance policy. Losses are payable only for those events which could not have been reasonably foreseen by you, are outside your control and substantially impair your ability to travel.

Unforeseeable "sickness" or "injury" (requiring examination or treatment by a "doctor" prior to the interruption of your "trip") or death of you or a "family member" or "traveling companion". "Sickness" or "injury" must be so disabling, in the written opinion of a "doctor", as to reasonably cause you to interrupt your "trip". If you must interrupt your "trip" due to "injury" or "sickness" of a "family member", it must be because their condition is life threatening, or because the "family member" requires your care.

A "terrorist incident" in a foreign city to which you were scheduled to arrive within 30 days following the incident.

Adverse weather or natural disasters resulting in the complete cessation of travel services.

Labor disputes resulting in the complete cessation of travel services. Your "home" being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, or natural disaster.

You, a traveling "family member" or "traveling companion" being subpoenaed, required to serve on a jury, hijacked or quarantined.

A covered Travel Delay that results in the loss of more that 50% of your scheduled "trip" length.You must have purchased Travel Delay coverage.

Carrier caused delays due to adverse weather or as the result of labor disputes that affect public transportation

Travel arrangements cancelled by a tour operator or "common carrier" due to adverse weather or as a result of labor disputes that affect public transportation.

What we will pay for Trip Interruption (for covered losses)
Forfeited, published, nonrefundable payments incurred as a result on cancellation penalties imposed by tour operators and "common carriers", or change fees incurred in place of full penalties not including travel agency penalties. If you fail to notify the appropriate travel supplier of your cancellation within 72 hours of becoming aware of the need to cancel, we will pay cancellation penalties to which you would have been subject at the time of cancellation. Unused, nonrefundable arrangements, with the exception of unused airfare;

The greater of:
Additional transportation expenses to your "home", less any refunds paid or payable, not to exceed the cost of economy airfare or first class airfare if your original tickets were first class; or

The value of your unused airfare if you must return "home" due to a covered loss.

The charge for a single supplement if your "traveling companion" or traveling "family member's" "trip" is interrupted but yours is not;

Reasonable, additional accommodation and transportation expenses (up to $150 per day) if you, your traveling "family member" or a "traveling companion" must remain in the hospital or has been certified as medically unable to travel. This benefit is provided for a maximum of five (5) days.

The charge to return "your vehicle" to your "home" if it is necessary for you to interrupt your "trip" and return "home" via alternate transportation as a result of a covered loss listed in the items above.

If you are interrupted in the course of your trip, you must call us prior to making any additional accommodation or transportation arrangements. Failure to do so may affect your coverage.

Coverage is not provided for losses caused by or as a result of:
Carrier-caused delays except as provided elsewhere in the certificate;

Travel arrangements cancelled by a tour operator or "common carrier" except as provided elsewhere in this certificate;

Changes in plans by you, a "family member", or a "traveling companion" for reasons other than those specifically listed in this certificate; Financial circumstances of you, a "family member" or a "traveling companion";

Business, contractual or educational obligations of you, a "family member", or a "traveling companion";

"Financial Default" of the entity from whom you purchased this insurance or of the travel agent through which you made travel arrangements, if the travel agent distributes this product for us;

Any government regulation or prohibition;

An event which occurs prior to the "certificate effective date", whether known to you or not;

Failure of any tour operator, "common carrier", person or agency to provide the bargained-for travel arrangements.

Your Duties in the Event of Loss:
You must provide Spring Break Direct with documentation of the interruption or delay and proof of the expenses incurred. You must provide proof of payment for the "trip" such as cancelled checks or credit card statements, proof of refunds received, copies of applicable tour operator or "common carrier" cancellation policies, and any other information reasonably required to prove the loss. Claims involving loss due to "sickness", "injury," or death require signed patient (or next of kin) authorization to release medical information and an attending physician's statement. You must provide us with all unused air, rail, cruise, or other tickets if you are claiming the value of the unused tickets.


We will pay on a one-time basis for reasonable additional accommodation and traveling expenses incurred by you, due to a documented travel delay of 12 or more hours.

Covered reasons for Travel Delay are: You being delayed by a traffic accident while en route to a departure; carrier-caused delay; lost or stolen passports, money or travel documents; quarantine; hijacking; unannounced strike; natural disaster; or a civil disorder. Payments for additional accommodation expenses will not exceed $100 per day per individual or $200 per day per certificate, up to the Maximum Limit of Coverage. IF YOU ARE DELAYED IN THE COURSE OF YOUR TRIP, YOU MUST CALL US PRIOR TO MAKING ANY ADDITIONAL ACCOMMODATION OR TRANSPORTATION ARRANGEMENTS. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY AFFECT YOUR COVERAGE. Your Duties in the Event of Loss: You must provide us with proof of the travel delay (such as a letter from a "common carrier", newspaper clipping, weather report, police report or the like) and proof of the expenses claimed as a result of the Travel Delay.


We will pay this benefit if your baggage or other personal effects are lost, damaged or stolen while on your trip, provided you have taken all reasonable measures to preserve and protect, or recover the property.

Property not covered: Animals; Automobiles and equipment, motorcycles and motors; Bicycles (except when checked with a "common carrier"); Aircraft, boats or any other vehicles or conveyances; Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, artificial teeth and limbs; Tickets, keys, money, notes, securities, accounts, bills, currency, deeds, food stamps or other evidences of debt, credit cards, and other travel documents (except passports and visas); Contraband, or property in the course of illegal transportation or trade; Property shipped as freight or shipped prior to your "trip departure date".

In the event of a covered claim, we will pay the lesser of: The actual purchase price of the item; The "actual cash value" of the item at the time of loss; For non-receipted items we will pay 75% or the actual cash value of the item at the time of loss; or The cost to repair or replace the item, or an item of similar kind and quality. Refer to the Declaration of Coverages for the applicable deductible.

This coverage is excess over any other coverage or indemnity provided by a "common carrier". Coverage is not provided for defective materials or workmanship, ordinary wear and tear and normal deterioration.

Your Duties in the Event of Loss: You must notify the police, appropriate local authorities, or "common carrier" at the place the loss occurred. They must be informed of the value of the property within 24 hours after the loss. You must provide documentation to support your loss, such as copies of "common carrier claims", police reports, an itemization and description of lost items, all receipts, credit card statements, cancelled checks and photos.


If your baggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 hours, we will reimburse you on a one-time basis for the reasonable, emergency purchase of essential items. We will also pay the reasonable cost to return your baggage to your "home". Your duties in the event of loss: You must provide documentation of the delay or misdirection of baggage by the "common carrier" and receipts for the emergency purchases.

"Accident" means a sudden, unexpected, unintended and external event which causes injury. "Actual Cash Value" means purchase price less depreciation.

"Certificate Effective Date" means the later of: The day after you applied for your coverage and paid your premium; or the day after your application (with the proper premium) is postmarked.

"Coinsured" means a person listed on the application; for whom premium was paid; and who accompanies you on the entire "trip".

"Common Carrier" means a vehicle or service licensed to carry passengers for hire on a regularly scheduled basis.

"Covered Trip" means: A period of round-trip travel away from "home" to a destination outside your city of residence; the purpose of the "trip" is business or pleasure and is not to obtain health care or treatment of any kind; the "trip" has defined departure and return dates specified when you apply; the "trip" does not exceed 365 days; and your destination is not to another home; or A period of one way travel that starts in the US or Canada (except US citizens may begin their "trip" outside the US, if returning to the US); the purpose of the "trip" is business or pleasure and is not to obtain health care or treatment of any kind; the "trip" has defined departure and arrival dates and defined departure and arrival places specified when you apply; and the 'trip" does not exceed 31 days in length. In this Policy, "Covered Trip" is also referred to as Trip.

"Dependent" means: Your "spouse"; and An unmarried child of yours who is under age 25, lives with you in a parent-child relationship and/or relies on you for financial support (includes natural, step, legally adopted children and grandchildren traveling without a parent) who accompanies you on the entire "trip".

"Family Member" means your: "spouse", child, "spouse's" child, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, step-parents, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, guardian or ward.

"Financial default" means the complete suspension of operations due to financial circumstances, whether or not a bankruptcy petition is filed, or partial suspension of operations following the filing of a bankruptcy petition. "Home" means your principle or secondary place of residence.

"Injury" is a bodily injury, or any complication due to or as a result of a bodily injury, caused by an "accident" and resulting directly and independently of all other causes. "Sickness" means an illness or disease of the body, or any complication due to or as a result of an illness or disease, which requires treatment by a "doctor".

"Spouse" means a person to whom you are married, or with whom you live in a spousal relationship.

"Terrorist Incident" means an act of violence, other than civil disorder or riot, (that is not an act of war, declared or undeclared) that results in loss of life or major damage to property, by any person acting on behalf or in connection with any organization which is generally recognized as having the intent to overthrow or influence the control of any government.

"Traveling Companion" is a person who accompanies you on the entire trip and is named on your application for coverage.

"Trip"-see "Covered Trip"

"Trip Completion Date" is the date on which you are scheduled to return to the point where the "trip" started, or to your final destination as specified in your application.

"Trip Departure Date" is the date on which you are originally scheduled to leave on your "trip", as shown on your application.


Conformity with State Statutes: If not addressed specifically in the policy, mandated benefits will be provided by administration according to individual state requirements. If any provision of the Policy is in conflict with state statutes, Spring Break Direct will interpret the Policy to conform.

Duplication of Coverage: You may only purchase one certificate from us for each "covered trip". If you do purchase more than one certificate for a specific "covered trip", the Maximum Limit of Coverage payable will be as specified in the certificate with the highest level of benefits. We will refund premiums received from you under any other Certificate.

Entire contract: The Policy, the Certificate of Insurance, the Declaration of Coverage, any endorsement to either the policy or the "Certificate of Insurance", and your application constitute the entire contract between you and us. Your rights and those of any "traveling companion" are contained solely in the provisions of the Policy. No agent has the authority to change the Policy or to waive any of its provisions. No change in the Policy will be valid unless authorized in writing by an officer of Spring Break Direct and attached to the Policy.

Examination Under Oath: As often as we may reasonably require, you or any person making a claim under this Policy must submit to examination under oath.

Excess Coverage: This Policy is excess over any other travel insurance policy or tour operator waiver you may have in effect at the time of the loss.

Fraud: If any claim made under the Policy is determined to be fraudulent or if any fraudulent means or devices are used by you or a "family member" or "traveling companion", or by anyone acting on your or their behalf, all benefits otherwise payable will be forfeited. Any claim submitted for an amount intentionally in excess of the true value of lost or damaged property or actual expenses incurred shall be deemed fraud within the meaning of this provision.

Liberalization Clause: If we make a change which broadens coverage under this edition of our policy without additional premium charge, that change will automatically apply to your coverage as of the date we implement the change in your state, provided that this implementation date falls within 60 days prior to or during the Policy period stated in the Declaration of Coverage. This Liberalization Clause does not apply to changes implemented through introduction of a subsequent edition of our Policy.

Material Misrepresentation: This entire Policy shall be void if, whether before or after a loss, the insured has willfully concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance concerning this insurance or the subject thereof, or the interest of the insured therein, or in case of any fraud or false swearing by the insured relating thereto.

Maximum Limit of Coverage: The Maximum Limit of Coverage for each claim is listed in the Declaration of Coverage or certificate of insurance, subject to the Spring Break Direct's Maximum Limit of Liability. In the event of multiple claims by coinsureds for one event, the available funds will be distributed in order of notice of claim by each "coinsured". If two or more "coinsureds" present claims at one time, the funds will be distributed on a pro-rata basis, up to the Maximum Limit of Coverage.

Observance of Terms and Conditions: Spring Break Direct is not liable for payment of benefits under the policy until all terms and conditions for which you or a traveling companion are responsible have been met.

Our Right to Recover From Others: We have the right to recover any payments we have made from anyone who may be responsible for the loss. You and/or any person to whom we make a payment must sign any papers and do whatever is necessary to transfer this right to us. You and/or any person to whom we make a payment agree(s) to cooperate with us and to do nothing after the loss that will adversely affect our rights.

Proof of Loss: Written proof of loss must be sent to us within 90 days after the date of loss. Failure to furnish such proof within the time required shall not invalidate nor reduce any claim if it was not reasonably possible to give proof within such time, provided such proof is furnished as soon as reasonably possible and in no event, except in the absence of your legal capacity, later than one year from the time proof is otherwise required.

Transfer of Your Rights And Duties Under this Policy: Your rights and duties under this certificate may not be transferred without our written consent except in the case of death of an individual named insured. If you die, your rights and duties will be transferred to your legal representative but only while acting within the scope of duties as your legal representative. Until your legal representative is appointed, anyone having proper temporary custody of your property will have your rights and duties but only with respect to that property.

When to Bring Legal Action: No action at law or in equity shall be brought to recover on this certificate prior to the expiration of 60 days after written proof of loss has been furnished in accordance with the requirements of this certificate. No action may be brought after three (3) years from the date written proof of loss is due unless otherwise provided by law.

Your Duty to Cooperate: You must provide us with receipts, proof of payment, medical authorizations or other records and documents we may reasonably require concerning your claim. To File a Claim, for claims information, and/or to obtain claims forms,

please call us at (410) 635 8850, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm M-F eastern time.

Notice of claim must be given to:

Spring Break Direct
206 High Street, Box 300
New Windsor, MD 21776

*within 30 days after the covered loss occurs or as soon as reasonably possible