Negril jamaica spring break
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negril jamaica spring break
negril spring break
Approximate flying times to Jamaica from:
Atlanta – 2:45
Boston – 4:00
Baltimore – 3:15
Chicago – 3:50
Houston – 2:45
Miami – 1:40
Los Angeles – 5:25

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U.S. Citizens entering Jamaica:
• Valid Passport only. Get one here:

Travelers to Jamaica who are under 18 need a signed parental release.
NON-US CITIZENS: You must obtain proper travel documentation from the consulate of your nationality.

Exchanging Money
The official currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar, or the “J”. You’ll find that most prices for things related to Spring Break (parties, side trips, etc.) are quoted in US dollars, so it’s best to only exchange money as you need it (plus you’ll lose money if you have to convert all of your “J” back to US dollars at the end of the week). Hotels exchange money, but banks and Cambios will have the best rates. Travelers checks and credit cards are widely accepted and are a good, safe way to bring spending money. ATM’s are readily available. Credit cards can be used for cash advances as well as restaurant and shop purchases.

You can walk to a lot of where you want to go to in Negril. Taxis will take you everywhere else. They’re cheap and definitely not hard to find (during Spring Break everyone is a taxi driver). Like everything in Jamaica, the fare is negotiable, but a ride from the cliffs to the beach for a group of 4 should be no more than 2 dollars per person. Larger groups can get better fares. Stick to taxis with red license plates as these are the only official cabs, with licensed, insured drivers.

Jamaicans rely on tips so don’t forget to reward the people who are good to you (bartenders, waitresses, maids, bellboys).

Dress Code
It’s the “Capital of Casual”, there isn’t one. Most parties are outdoors, right on the beach so shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt do the job.


negril jamaica spring break