Mazatlan mexico spring break
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mazatlan mexico spring break
mazatlan spring break
Approximate flying times to Mazatlan from:
Boston – 6:30
Baltimore – 5:30
Chicago – 4:45
Houston – 2:20
Minneapolis – 5:00
Los Angeles – 2:30

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U.S. Citizens entering Mexico:
• Valid Passport only. Get one here:

Travelers to Mexico who are under 18 need a signed parental release.
NON-US CITIZENS: You must obtain proper travel documentation from the consulate of your nationality.

Exchanging Money
Most hotels have a currency exchange desk, but you will get the best rates at banks and exchange houses. Mexican banks are generally open from 9am to 2:30pm weekdays. Exchange houses are open longer and provide faster service. Banks will give cash advances in pesos, for a fee, if you have a major credit card. Most restaurants, bars and shops accept major credit cards. ATM machines are available and most bank cards with Cirrus or Visa/Mastercard status can be used; check with your bank before you leave to be sure. Keep in mind the machines will dispense Mexican Pesos, not U.S. Dollars.

Getting around Mazatlan is easy since almost everything is located within walking distance in the Golden Zone. When you don’t feel like walking though, Mazatlan’s famous Pulmonias will take you wherever you need to go for around 3 dollars. Open-air Volkswagens, they’re more go-cart than they are taxi.

As a college student every dollar counts, but don’t forget to tip the people who are good to you (bartenders, waitresses, maids, bellboys)

Dress Code
Casual spring and summer weight clothing is the dress of the day, and night too, unless you decide otherwise. There are no restrictions other than a cover-up for swimwear when leaving the beach or pool areas.


mazatlan spring break 2015