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Surfing on Spring Break

Vol 1, No 3

Do Something Different:

So you want to do something on Spring Break beyond the usual mix of boozing and partying? Make your Spring Break a surf trip. We offer spring break packages to two destinations with incredible surfing. Barbados is just a Champagne flight away on Air Jamaica or British West Indies Air from the East Coast, with the best waves in the Caribbean. And for those of you in the Midwest or on the West Coast, Mazatlan, Mexico has incredible breaks, perfect for both newbies riding a soft-top for the first time and experienced surfers looking for the thrill of BIG waves and barrels.

You don’t need a board or even know how to surf. Both destinations feature board rentals, surf schools to learn how to pop-up for the first time, and surf tour excursions to hidden breaks where you won’t have to fight a crowd. Plus, just because you’re chasing waves doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Spring Break scene. At both destinations, nights sizzle with a full party package and thousands of college coeds all looking to have a good time.

It may seem like a strange thought to surf the Caribbean. Its best know for calm, crystal clear turquoise water perfect for snorkeling. But Barbados sees some of it’s best swells during the spring break period, where waves will vary between 6 to 10 ft in the north of the island and clean 1 to 4 ft surf for the rest of the island. The waves are glassy in the morning. The water temperature never drops below 79 degrees.

Mazatlan is the “Pearl of the Pacific” and one of the original Spring Break hot spots. Long a destination for students in the Midwest where direct charter flights provide easy access, Mazatlan is still accessible to everyone else with a connection on scheduled air, generally through Houston’s George Bush International. The beauty of surfing Mazatlan is that you can walk to a number of surf breaks in the center of town such as the point off of Valentino’s, take a short taxi ride to Playa Bruja for wicked waves with a bit of a crowd, or take a surf tour excursion north or south of town for powerful breaks that you’ll have almost entirely to yourself. Our guides know where to go for reefs and points, and make sure you’re always in the best spot for optimal conditions. Mazatlan waves rival those of any of the major surfing destination like Costa Rica. Trust us, when the weather is right, these waves are big.

Get up early, hit the waves, unwind after a long day in the ocean with a cocktail and watch the sun go down, and then head out to a club for the evening. Get up and do it again. Not a bad way to spend your one week off from school.

Most airlines charge a fee to ship a board so unless you have a board that you just have to surf with, its best to rent one on site.

.What's HOT...


This is Escollera off of Stone Island, just one of a number of breaks in and around Mazatlan. Other favorites include Playa Bruja, Revelation, and Killers. Our boys at the Mazatlan Surf Center and East Pacific Surf Camp will hook you up with board rentals and some extreme surf tours. Rights, lefts, big, long, fast, reefs, points, and beach break, Mazatlan has a bit of everything.

Spring break surfing

Spring Break :

You might be worn out from a full day of surfing, but when the sun goes down, its time to play. Our Mazatlan package come with 50 hours of free drinking, while Barbados clocks in with a milder tally of 15 hours. For a little more, our VIP Party Package gets you into the hottest clubs, where you skip the lines and drink free all night long.

Mazatlan surfing


Yes, the water is actually that blue. Come on, it's the Caribbean, what else would you expect. Doesn't mean that there aren't killer waves. Famous breaks include Soup Bowl on the East Coast, and Duppys and Maycocks on the North-West. Sandy Lane is a reef break on the West Coast if you're feeling bold. The South side has nice, easy beach breaks to learn on.

Barbados surfing

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