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Last Chance for Fall Semester Rates & Deals:

Vol 1, No 2

Dear Spring Breaker:

If you haven't booked your Spring Break trip yet, you have four (4) days left to do so at the best rates of the year. Waiting until January or February means you will pay a lot more for the same trip.

Spring Break Direct is offering the best deals around if you book by this weekend (Dec. 18th). All you need is $100 toward your trip. Here is an example of what a trip will cost before and after the 18th of December:

Cancun, March 11-18, Chicago Departure, Costa Real Hotel, 4/room, with Meal Plans

Price before 12/18: $929/person ($50 cash discount, free meal plans, fall rates)
Price after 12/18: $1,068/person

Savings: $139/person!!!

Destination Recommendations:

Everyone has been asking whether Wilma wiped out Cancun and any chance of a great Spring Break for this March. We're happy to report that Cancun is rebuilding rapidly and should be the same Cancun that keeps students flocking there year in and year out. It remains our (and other spring break company's) most booked destination choice. More Info

Spring break

Negril, Jamaica:
"No Problem!" is what they say in Jamaica, and Negril is the ultimate no-problem kind of place. Negril is famous for its sunsets -- and for its seven-mile stretch of white sand beach and five miles of waterfront cliffs. Negril is the place for Spring Breakers looking for "party" and "laid back" both rolled into one.

In the resort area of Negril no building can be taller (by law) than the tallest palm tree. Clubbing consists of outdoor reggae concerts and beach parties at night. High heels are carried in-hand while walking along the beach, club-to-club. More Info

Spring break deals

Can you say "HOT!!" Acapulco is rapidly become the #2 hot spot behind Cancun. If this is your scene, you better book soon - we anticipate much of Acapulco to be completely sold out before spring semester.

Clubbing here is all about dressing the part. Ball caps and jeans need not apply. More Info

Spring break

Check out our brand new web site: www.springbreakdirect.com

You can check out other hot destinations, price a trip, be up to date with our fierce deals, and check out spring break photos, you can even earn some extra ca
sh and free travel by becoming a campus rep.

Let us know your thoughts. We want to hear from you. Send us an email: info@springbreakdirect.com

Download our 2007 Spring Break Travel Guide (It is a 3mb Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, so be patient while it downloads.)

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72 Days Until Spring Break !
Last Chance Special
Book before Dec. 18th and receive...

$250 off Internet Coupon - any international trip.

28-55 Hours Free Drinks (Negril, Montego Bay, Cancun, Acapulco,


Free Meal Plan (Negril, Montego Bay, Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan)

Group Special - 15th Trip Free Can't be combined with cash discount)

$100 minimal deposit holds your trip ($50 for Florida trips).