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spring break hot spot
2015 spring break hot spot

Spring Break Packages

Welcome to Spring Break Direct. We believe that you'll find the best Spring Break packages on our web site.

It is very important when shopping for a Spring Break Package to understand what is included in your package. Most of the complaints registered with the consumer protection agencies against travel companies are based on you, the consumer, not getting what you thought, or was told, would be included in your travel package.

Spring Break Direct packages our trips in the best interest of the college student spring breaker. What that means, is that we know you want as many days on vacation as possible, so we give you seven-day Spring Break packages.

We also know you want to go to the hot spots - not some abandoned destination that is pretty, but boring. Spring Break Direct focuses our packages on only the top spring break hot spots like Cancun, Acapulco, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Florida.

For a complete listing of all Spring Break Package inclusions to the best spring break hot spots, visit our "What's Included" page.


spring break hot spot