Barbados spring break
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barbados spring break
barbados spring break
Barbados is the eastern-most island in the Lesser-Antilles and is at the same latitude as Costa Rica. It is surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which is why the west and south coasts offer calm, relaxing beaches, and the east and southeast coasts have considerably rougher seas, creating ideal surfing conditions. It's known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean.

As a

Spring Break

destination, Barbados is a great blend of cool partying and sunny days in a laid back environment devoid of attitude. For a smaller destination, Barbados packages still offer meal plans and VIP party packages.

Your package includes:

  • Round Trip Airfare
  • 7-Nights Hotel Accommodations
  • Round Trip Airport/Hotel Transfers
  • All International Departure Taxes
  • All Hotel Taxes and Gratuities
  • FedEx or ""E-Ticket"" Ticket Delivery
  • Welcome Orientation
  • 24-Hour Resort Staff
  • Daily Activities Desk
  • Free Welcome Party
  • Discounted and Free Admission at Nightclubs
  • Party Package consisting of Daily Drink
    Specials and 20+ Hours of Free Drinks
  • Restaurant Discounts
  • Gift Shop Discounts
  • Exclusive Pool Parties
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barbados spring break